Let's turn urban heat islands into beautiful green cities
Urban greening, super-powered by technology
We have a solution to urban heat islands
Urban canopy helps you know how much your building or city is contributing to the urban heat island effect using high resolution thermal imaging technology and the latest research in thermodynamics. We show you how much money and carbon emissions you can save by installing a green roof, white roof, or green wall.
High resolution thermal maps
We take a thermal map of your city using an infrared thermal camera. We then overlay these thermal images over Google Maps so your city planners and local residents can easily search for different locations on the map. The thermal maps reveal the 'hot spots' to target for urban greening projects.
Find your location's heat island score, heat rank, and local greening options  
Gamification & Psychology for Impact
We can get people to change if we get the formula right. Urban Canopy utilizes the latest researched techniques in game design and behavioral psychology to tap into the motivational core of people in order to powerfully motivate them to make change. We do this using color grading, social comparison, ranking, and star rating.
Introductions to local green roofers 
Urban Canopy will provide you with a list of local green roof professionals eager to help with your project. 
Cost estimates, quotes, & savings for cool and green roofs
Urban Canopy will provide residents with a cost estimate for green roofing your building, along with an estimate of annual electricity savings a green or white roof.
Connecting residents to local urban tree planting programs
We leverage the psychological power of thermal maps to drive local communities to get involved with local tree planting programs. 
What we do to reduce your community's heat island
Mailed Reports for Impact 
We partner with your energy or water utility, or local government to mail out heat island reports that are carefully designed to motive action towards urban tree planting, green infrastructure, and green or white roofs.
Website Application
Search for you own home, business, or school or local region on our website to find your local heat island image. The Urban Canopy app will show you how you property ranks in urban heat island score, and will connect you with local greening tips and programs. 
Widget for Your Website
You can have a widget easily placed in your government, NGO, real estate, or green business website. This means that anyone can search for their local heat island via your site and they can see the Urban Canopy reports on cost saving, environmental gains, and greening tips.
Reports for Commercial Property Owners, Architects & Engineers 
We partner with local utilities and property groups to mail out urban heat island reports that are carefully designed to encourage green roofs and green walls on commercial buildings.
Local greening tutorials, tips, videos, and connections to local groups and contractors 
When people sign up to Urban Canopy, they receive a specially curated tips and tutorials to help green their local area. Our tutorials help to connect local residents, property owners, and architects to local suppliers and contractors.
Local Social Media Campaign
Upon launching your city on Urban Canopy we create a special social media campaign to target specific property owners and community groups where the heat island is having the greatest effect. The campaign encourages people to share their location's heat reports and tailored social media stories. 
"Simply showing people the numbers has an uncanny way to change them"
- Paul Graham, Y Combinator
The Team
Katie Patrick
Katie is an Australian-American environmental engineer and designer.  After working as green building engineer, she founded Australia's largest environmental VC-funded media company. She now runs Hello World Labs in San Francisco: a creative technology company devoted to achieving social and environmental change using data and psychology.
Andy Lee
Andy is a San Francisco based mechanical and software engineer with 15+ years working on major projects and firms. He has helped to collect and map multispectral and hyper-spectral image data sets for NASA, Autodesk, and Magic leap.
Let's get  your city on the thermal map
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